How to Survive the Worst Tornado in US History


Let’s say you wish to see a basic American rail city. Possibly you’re a railfan. A prepare vacationer. A “foamer,” as conductors pejoratively name them. You’re not? Nicely, let’s say you might be. Naturally, you wish to see a rail city again in its heyday, again when conductors wore striped overalls, and large steam engines powered American commerce. So that you journey again to 1925 to go to the small city of Gorham, Illinois, towards the start of the top of the steam-powered period. You’ll see a number of the final steam engines pull via one of many busier crossings in America, see a number of the final soot-blackened crews shovel coal into a number of the final boilers, and also you’ll watch as a big darkish cloud approaches quickly from the southwest.

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